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The New York Tines is now selling an un-official Prong DVD.

The Music Video Collection is exactly that: a collection of Prong's music videos spanning their entire career from "In My Veins" to "All Knowing Force".

In the tradition of the New York Tines, these DVDs are not authorized or sanctioned by the band, management, or the record company.

Tommy is selling some new Prong shirts from the awesome new www.prongonline.com website. You simply PayPal him some cash and he sends you a shirt!

He now has XL in stock, as well as the usual S, M and L sizes. I've ordered mine and I will post photos to the merch section as soon as I get them.

Prong's DVD has been available for some time now and is available in most decent record stores. They always have a copy in stock my local HMV, and that isn't a decent record store!

You can order it on Amazon.com now.